Health Insurance VetPlan

The best choice for your pet and your family.

VetPlan's pet medical insurance offers a variety of innovative products. Our products have been developed by professional veterinarians and are aimed at providing the best solution for your pet's health.

There is a VetPlan product for every need. Starting with the basic prevention, we have developed increasingly advanced insurance products to provide your pet with an outstanding health coverage at a great price.
VetPlan's veterinary centres throughout Spain are commited to offer you the best service in order to ensure your family and your pet's peace of mind.

Dog and cat grooming

Our full grooming service for all breeds and sizes includes:
Warm water baths with the highest quality shampoos, emptying of dog anal glands, sanitary clipping, ear cleaning, hand dry, brushing, removal of dirt and overgrown hair around paw pad and nail trimming. All haircuts (stripping, hand stripping, clipping, etc.) are discussed first between the groomer and the owner for details in styling.
Apart from the standard bath service, we also offer baths with special shampoos to treat and prevent dermatological and parasitary diseases


Pet accessories and pet foods:

We have a huge range of pet accessories and foods for all kinds of pets, including: premium dog and cat food, specialized supplements to pet diets, biscuits and treats, antiparasitary products, toys, beds, carriers, cages, bowls, collars, leads, harnesses, coats, shampoos, brushes, scissors, clippers, etc.

Medical Services

Consultation and general medicine
Annual checkups and vaccinations
Microchips, passports and certificates   

Soft tissue surgery and traumatology

Clinical analyses
Laboratory testing
ECG (electrocardiogram)
Citology and Histopathology
Dermatology tests
Radiology (authorized by Real CEPPA)

Emergencies 24 hours
Home visits